Raiment 61 - A Story Of Empowerment

Raiment 61 - A Story Of Empowerment

Every garment that we find in a clothing brand has a journey behind it. Some came into being in poor working conditions in sweatshops, where laborers were overworked and underpaid. Others may have simply been export leftovers passed down to us within a complex supply chain. 

And then, there are also garments that are not just pleasing from an aesthetic point of view, but resonant with stories of empowerment. Stories of local workers giving their all in an inclusive environment that respects their craft through ethical working conditions and fair wages. That is the kind of story our pants at Raiment 61 carry.

Where Are Our Pants Crafted?

Our pants are crafted locally at our state-of-the-art facility in MG Apparel, Multan. While a number of brands source their products from international vendors, Raiment 61 promotes the concept of local production. This is because local manufacturing allows us to focus on higher quality control and ethical labor practices while also contributing to the economy in a positive way.

But that is just the surface level of why we choose to craft our pants locally. We believe that fashion is not just about the final user who styles the product, but also the laborer who puts their heart and soul into every detail of the garment, from stitching, washing, quality control to carefully placing the final product into the packaging. Our country has a wealth of skilled artisans who are experts in their fields, and we believe that their work should be prioritized and be a part of our pants’ story, as well as Raiment 61’s. 


How Do We Empower Our Local Workforce?

When we say our workers are empowered, we don’t merely mean that we provide a discrimination-free environment as that is the bare minimum. We go above and beyond by making sure that our workers are provided with ample opportunities for their growth and representation. 

From regularly conducting workshops aimed at skill enhancement and personal growth, performance-based incentives to a gender-inclusive culture characterized by 70% female representation, we leave no stone unturned in creating an empowering environment for our workforce. We see them not as just workers, but the ambassadors of our brand. 


Where Does The Customer Fit In This Conversation?

Empowerment is a whole cycle at Raiment 61, which involves the end user as well. We empower our customers with not just fashion choices that will last for a long time in their wardrobe, but by giving them the opportunity to support our local workforce through their purchase. When you buy from Raiment 61, you not only invest in a wardrobe essential but help sustain ethical labor practices and promote the growth of our local economy. Every purchase is a step towards a more responsible future in fashion.

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