Threads Of Perfection - From Craftsmanship To Closet

Threads Of Perfection - From Craftsmanship To Closet

Every garment that we wear and see has a journey behind it. For Raiment 61, each pair of pants begins its journey at MG Apparel, Multan, where skilled workers put in their heart and soul into crafting every product. If you’ve been curious about everything that goes behind-the-seams at our brand, then you’ve stumbled upon the right place.

Research On Fabric Types

Our production process begins with a detailed research phase on fabric types and trending styles. This is conducted by our talented fashion and textile designers who choose only the finest quality fabrics so that the final product has excellent drape, fit and visual appeal.

Swatch Selection

Once thorough research has been concluded, the designers select a swatch of the chosen fabric that provides them with a tangible reference for texture, color, and durability. The swatch is then tested for various parameters such as comfort, strength, and washability, ensuring it will perform well in everyday wear. 

Sketching & Prototyping

With the perfect fabric selected, our designers move on to the detailed sketches and digital renderings are created, highlighting every aspect of the pants, from the fit and cut to the placement of pockets and seams. Prototypes are then crafted, allowing our designers to refine and perfect the design before full-scale production begins.


After the swatches and the design of the pants has been finalized, the next step is to make a detailed pattern through CAD software. The pattern incorporates all the significant design details such as pleats, buttons, pockets, waistbands, seam allowances and so on. It is important that the pattern is designed to be as accurate as possible so that no detail is missed in the final product.

Stitching Phase

Once the pieces have been cut according to the pattern from the CNC fabric cutting machine, the next step is to send the raw pieces to our stitching department, where our skilled tailors assemble the pieces together for the next step of the process. 

Washing Phase

The garment is then sent to the washing process in order to soften the fabric, control shrinkage, set the dye for color fastness, and apply any special finishes for a unique look. After this, the pants go through a quality control phase. 

Quality Control

The quality control team conducts a visual inspection for any potential defects and verifies if the pants align with the specified measurements. They also ensure that all the functional details like pockets, zippers etc. are working properly. In case any defects are detected, the pants are sent back for necessary adjustments or repairs.

Steaming & Pressing

After quality control, our pants are thoroughly steamed and pressed to ensure that any wrinkles are eliminated in the fabric. This step also softens the fabric and enhances its natural drape.  This step is crucial for ensuring the pants have a polished, professional appearance. 

Final inspection

The last step of the production journey is to conduct a final inspection of the pants and ensure that it completely aligns with Raiment 61’s standards of quality and aesthetics. The pants are then packaged and are then prepared for shipment to our customers.


From fabric research to the final inspection, Raiment 61 follows a process that focuses on the highest standards of quality to offer its audience a superior choice when it comes to fashion, style, and aesthetics. 

So what are you waiting for? Shop now at Raiment 61 and transform your wardrobe with elevated pieces for every occasion.

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