Women's New Arrivals - Exciting Additions to Our Collection In 2024!

Women's New Arrivals - Exciting Additions to Our Collection In 2024!


Raiment 61’s last collection of 2023 was just the beginning to a never-ending fashion saga. We received an overwhelming amount of love and support from our customers for introducing a brand in Pakistan which is the first of its kind to offer well-fitting yet comfortable pants in some of the most timeless styles.

Driven by this incredible response, we were all set to work on something new - welcoming the year 2024 with an extension to our product range, incorporating some of the most highly requested pieces by our beloved customers.

With that said, let us present to you our Women’s New Arrivals of 2024, unveiling fresh styles in our collection!


What Sparked Our New Collection?

Our inaugural collection laid the foundation for our brand with wardrobe essentials such as Pleated Wide Leg, High Waist Fitted Pants, Slim Fit Chino and Cargo pants.

Keeping the feedback we received in view, we decided to intertwine some of these styles to come up with something new such as beltless wide-leg. We also introduced more color variations such as beige, navy blue, brown sugar and military green.

The inspiration behind this collection was curating pieces that not only encapsulate timeless elegance but also resonate with the diverse preferences of our dynamic clientele.


What’s New For 2024?

Without further ado, let’s introduce you to the latest new arrivals for women in 2024: 

1)  Black Wide Leg With Double Pleats


A much-requested variation of our best-selling Grey Pleated Wide Leg Pants, this piece is a wardrobe gamechanger. Grey goes with everything, but so does black, and these pants are here to prove it. The elegant pleats make these perfect for formal attire while the wide-legged silhouette, made even better by the flowy breathable fabric, ensures these pants will be super comfortable for long days.


2)  Beige Wide Leg With Single Pleats


A truly transseasonal color that we incorporated in this new collection is beige. Wide-legged with a turn up hem detail, these pants are an iconic go-to piece whenever you’re feeling a bit of ‘Old Money’ or ‘Light Academia.’ Pair these with a preppy sweater vest in a neutral color or with a tank top if it's summer and you’re all set for the day.


3)  Navy High Waisted Beltless Wide Leg


Belts have their own vibe, but sometimes you want to go for a very sleek, timeless, beltless look. You can think of these Navy High Waisted Beltless Wide Leg pants as a combination of two styles - the black high waist fitted pants and the pleated wide leg from our previous collection. Flattering for a diverse range of body types, these pants look their finest when paired with a fitted top to create a stark contrast with their flowy silhouette.


4)   Brown Sugar High Waist Beltless Pants


Our Black High Waist Fitted Pants from the previous collection was a truly well-received product, which prompted us to bring forth another variation of it in a new and iconic color, Brown Sugar. High-waisted, ankle-length and adorned with pintuck details on the front, these pants are formal enough to be worn at the office but also casual-chic enough to be styled on more laid-back settings. A perfect win-win.


5)   Military Green Wide Leg Cargo



How many pockets are too many pockets? That’s what first popped into our head while we were ideating on a new cargo design for our women’s collection. Men’s cargos can have spacious functional pockets, so why not the same for women?

We may have gone a tad bit overboard with this piece, but for all the right reasons. With a whooping 11 pockets, you can be sure you’ll always have your essentials tucked right into place while also remaining chic. Pair these cargos with a white preppy jumper in the winters and a black fitted top in the summers for the perfect look.


6)   Navy Wide Leg With Double Pleats


A variation of the wide-leg pleated pants in a rich navy blue color, perfect for the boardroom. The slinky fabric flows with grace as you walk in these pants, while the deep pleated details accentuate many body types. Pull these off formally in the office or with a casual-chic edge for a brunch date, you’ll surely be turning heads, and perhaps getting a handful of compliments and questions as to where did you get these pants from. 


7)   Navy Wide Leg Cargo


You have black, which can be a bit too intense at times. You have white, which can be a bit washed out at times. Then you have the perfect balance, Navy Blue, which goes with just about anything in your wardrobe. With functional pockets and an impeccable fit, these cargo pants strike the sweet spot between style and comfort.


8)   Black Baggy Fit High Waist Pants


Baggy is the new chic - which is precisely why we just had to include a baggy piece in our formalwear. These high-waisted pants have that snazzy element to them that allows you to dress them up or down while remaining stylish in both scenarios. Pair them with heels, long boots, fitted tops or flowy blouses - the list goes on as to how you can style these pants.



And there you have it, folks! We've taken you on a tour of Raiment 61's freshest vibes for the ladies. Whether you've been looking for something beige in your wardrobe or just looking for essential pants you can wear anytime, there's something calling your name in this collection. Your wardrobe is your playground – mix, match, and let your style shine!

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