Women's Pants: Top 5 Style Trends In 2024

Women's Pants: Top 5 Style Trends In 2024

When it comes to women’s pants, the one thing we love the most is the fact that there are so many abundant styles. From wide leg pants, flared pants, dress pants to your casual cargoes, you’ll never run out of options to choose from. With that said, if you’ve been meaning to incorporate some new pants in your wardrobe but have been confused as to what to buy, this blog will help you decide by presenting to you the top 5 style trends in women’s pants for 2024.

Let’s dive right in and explore some of the hottest and most versatile styles that are dominating the fashion scene this year!


Wide Leg Pants


Gone is the era where everything used to be tight-fitted and uncomfortable. With style becoming equally important in women’s pants as comfort, wide leg pants have emerged as a popular fashion choice for all ladies. There are so many ways you can pull off wide leg pants, but a safe option is pairing them with a fitted top to balance out their flowy silhouette. In terms of colors, neutrals such as black and white are your bread-and-butter, but one of the must-have colors this season is none other than beige for wide leg pants.


Flared Pants


Flared pants, also known as bell bottoms, were at their peak during the 70s and 80s, but they are now making a much-needed comeback. The real charm lies in their elegant silhouette that extends beyond the knee area. This makes them perfect for showing off your footwear or anklets, and also makes them comfortable. If you’re looking for an essential piece in this style, go for front slit flared pants that can be pulled off casually with a basic tee and formally with a structured button down.


Cargo Pants


If there’s one thing us ladies have always been complaining about in women’s pants and fashion in general, it’s the lack of pockets! Thankfully, brands in Pakistan have started taking notes on this and introducing workwear-inspired clothes like cargo pants which are not only functional but stylish as well. Our wide leg cargos, available in military green and navy blue, boast a total of 11 pockets, giving you all the space you need for storing your airpods, lipsticks, wet wipes, coins, wallet, and so on. Whether you’re a hiking enthusiast or you just love some pockets, these cargos are a must-have.


High-Waisted Pants


No matter what your body type, high-waisted pants in the right fit and fabric are a lifesaver. They’re not just comfortable but flattering as they help you create an outfit according to the rule of thirds. Our beltless high-waisted pants are a must-have if you’ve been on the hunt for versatile dress pants that you can wear for important work events or meetings.


Pleated Dress Pants


When in doubt for your next office fit, go for a pair of pleated wide leg pants. A chic ensemble you can pull off in these summers is pairing these pants with a black vest over a tailored formal shirt. For the accessories you can throw on a dramatic statement piece or go for simple layered chains. The wide leg style of the pants will contrast beautifully with the fitted top, making you feel extra confident for your next office meeting.


Raiment 61 - Your Ultimate Destination For Women’s Pants

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