How To Style Men's Cargo Pants In 2024?

How To Style Men's Cargo Pants In 2024?

Almost every guy who has shopped for something casual for his wardrobe before has come across cargo pants at a fashion store. These wardrobe essentials are super comfortable, yet versatile as you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. The question is, how to style cargo pants in a way that suits your personal style and looks well put together?

The best thing about styling cargo pants is that they can be paired with items already existing in your closet. For a casual summer look, you can throw on a simple t-shirt and some accessories. For a slightly formal vibe, you can pair them with something dressy like a blazer. It’s up to you to choose whichever style goes best with your personal taste.

To help you choose, we will be presenting some trendy combos you can pull off with cargo pants in this article. We will also be featuring some of the best casual trousers for men by Raiment 61 as examples. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!


What Are Cargo Pants?

Trousers for men come in many different styles and designs. Cargo pants are a very popular category of casual trousers that are characterized by multiple pockets, usually located on the thighs or on the sides or back of the pants. These pockets, secured with flaps or buttons, are not just a design element but also serve a utilitarian purpose of providing the user adequate storage space. Historically, these pockets served the function of assisting soldiers in keeping all their essentials in one place. 

Today, cargo pants are worn mostly because they not just carry a distinctive rugged appearance but also because they are super comfortable for outdoor activities such as hiking, jogging, etc. They are mostly crafted from breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen so that they can be easily maintained throughout the day.

What To Wear With Loose Cargo Pants?

Cargo pants come in different variations, but mostly they are loose-fitting so that they can be carried easily and comfortably. Let’s talk about some looks you can try that are not just flattering but easy to pull off for all men!


1. Pairing With A Plain Crew Neck T-Shirt


A simple casual everyday look for summer. You can pair loose-fitting cargos, such as our Purple Cargo Pants, with almost any kind of t-shirt you may have in your wardrobe. A plain tee would work best if you are going for a minimalistic vibe but if you are into streetwear, you can throw on a graphic tee as well. Pair with sneakers for the complete look.

2. Dressing It Up With A Blazer

It can seem tricky to pull off cargo pants formally, but the secret is to keep things very minimalistic. One of the influencers who styled our Tarragon Green Cargo Pants, for example, paired them with a gray cropped blazer and a white crew neck tee for a smart casual look. While you cannot go business formal with cargo pants, nailing a smart casual look is very much doable.


3. Choosing The Right Shoes

One foolproof way of styling cargo pants for men is going for chunky shoes, such as combat boots. This is the perfect military-inspired casual look that will not only accentuate your height but also add a rugged edge to your outfit.


4. Going Monochrome

This is a simple yet easy way to elevate any outfit, whether it involves cargo pants or any other kind of trousers. The Lime Yellow Cargo Pants featured above may seem tricky to pull off at first glance considering the unconventional color, but paired with a yellow button up and beige sneakers, they look very well put-together for a casual day out look.


If you’ve been searching for online trousers for men in Pakistan and cargo pants caught your eye, you must have been wondering how exactly you should even style them. With this guide, you can pull off 4 foolproof looks no matter what your height or body type may be. Whether you're exploring the city streets or enjoying outdoor adventures, styling cargo pants is a great way to stay comfortable stylishly and effortlessly.

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