Raiment 61: The Meaning Behind Our Brand Name

Raiment 61: The Meaning Behind Our Brand Name

Raiment 61 is a contemporary online fashion brand based in Pakistan that sells premium quality yet stylish trousers to men and women, ranging from chinos, cargos, to formal pants. This is evident to any customer who may come across our website for the first time. However, as you explore our collection, you might find yourself wondering: what's the story behind the name 'Raiment 61'?

Read below to know about the story behind our brand name, that was the very first step in shaping our identity and values as a fashion brand.


Defining The Word ‘Raiment’

Let’s begin with the basics. What exactly does 'Raiment' mean? According to the dictionary, it refers to clothing or garments. It is essentially an archaic term that was used in Middle English (the version of English spoken between the 12th-15th centuries) to describe clothing.

In today’s times, the word ‘Raiment’ is not typically used in everyday conversations as the word clothing or garments is considered simpler, but it is a literary term that can be used in more poetic contexts.

When it came to our brand, we chose the word ‘Raiment’ rather than something conventional like ‘Apparel’ because it embodies our individuality better. We wanted our brand name to depict a departure from the ordinary and carry an element of mystery, something that intrigues the customer to search up our brand name and its meaning.

The use of an unconventional term such as Raiment also signifies how our brand encourages customers to be unconventional themselves - to find their signature style with our pants and own their individuality.


Decoding '61': A Tribute to Multan's Legacy

Now, let's turn our attention to the number '61'. Why did we choose this particular number to accompany 'Raiment'?

The answer lies in its significance to Multan, the vibrant city where our trousers are crafted at our state-of-the-art facility, MG Apparel. Multan has a rich cultural heritage and a long-standing tradition of excellence in garment production. By incorporating '61' into our brand name, we pay homage to this legacy and celebrate the craftsmanship that defines our hometown.

We also wanted our customers to have the opportunity to empower our local workforce with each purchase, which is why we made sure to incorporate a glimpse of Multan’s heritage in our brand name. It’s essentially a statement to our customers that when you buy from Raiment, you are not just filling an empty space in your wardrobe but supporting the workers that often go unnoticed.


The Numerological Perspective Behind ‘61’

Apart from carrying a snippet of Multan, we wanted our brand name to have an additional layer of meaning, which is why we looked into numerological studies to understand the significance of the number ‘61.’

As per our findings, this number is often associated with good luck and positive energy. It's seen as a symbol of auspicious beginnings and the promise of prosperity. This aligns perfectly with our brand, as we believe that buying from us is not just a step towards a well-rounded wardrobe but a gesture of good fortune. Because when you support a brand that empowers its local workforce, you contribute positive energy to the universe with your actions, and that positivity is returned to you in one way or another.



As you browse through our collection of premium trousers, we hope you'll now have a deeper appreciation for the story behind our brand name. Raiment 61 isn't just about fashion – it's about embracing tradition, celebrating diversity, and welcoming good fortune into your life. So, why settle for ordinary pants when you can step into style with Raiment 61?

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